Oh Hello! I’m Indradeep.


My name is Indradeep Biswas and I welcome you to Indradeep’s Musings.

I was born in Kolkata, India to my loving parents Sudip and Indrani Biswas. My brother Soumyadeep (Ton) and Debika live in Hong Kong. A Software Engineer by profession and am currently based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been fortunate to have received the friendship of many from diverse backgrounds and various walks of life. I have had the luck of witnessing to their sensibilities, their challenges, their interests, and most importantly, their view of life. I cannot possibly express the immensity of love and blessing I have received from all who I have come in touch with.

In an effort to pass forward the kindness and generosity, this blog in an effort to share some experiences, some questions, and some reflections that have enriched my life. I hope they find value in your life as they have in mine.