• Poetry,  Reflections

    Those days…

    The first light that followed the cry,That rainy day I first said ‘mum’,I held your finger and took that step,In your reflection, my ‘I’ was born. With each gaze, each taste and touch,I weaved the ‘now’ and ‘yesterday’,Of ‘I’ came ‘me’, then ‘you’, then ‘them’,Then came all that I call ‘today’. It was love that sowed the seed,Of deep despair, of dreams that bled.That wretched night that broke the mirror,Was born the dawn where ‘I’ was dead. Of laughter and tears, light and night,That quiet autumn of fleeting hope,Among ‘them’, and yet alone,You held my hand, in silence you spoke.…

  • Poetry


    I don’t speak of you to others. I can string flowers into a garland. I can describe the shapes and shades. But how do I capture your fragrance? Words are never enough. I am not enough. For you are the essence. You may only be experienced

  • Journeys,  Poetry

    Happy new year

    You are the first thought of wakefulness at the break of dawn. You are the warmth under the quilt that I struggle to part from. You are the light of the lamp in the temple, you are the fragrance of burning incense. You are the joy that beats in my chest, you are the vigor that runs in my veins. You are the smell of fresh coffee in the misty morning. You are the water break in the middle of a boring meeting. You are the taste that lingers on the tongue for more after a midday meal. You are…

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    অন্ধকারে দেখিতে পারিনি মোরেযুগে যুগে করেছি কত সন্ধান ।শব্দ অনেক ছিল, অর্থ পাইনি খুঁজেবৃথা ছিল বেদ গীতা ও পুরান । জ্বালালে প্রদীপ মোর অন্তরে তুমিধরিলে আয়না ভাবনার অবশেষে।প্রশ্ন, অভিযোগ, দুঃখ, বেদনাহারিয়ে গেল সবই নিমেষে । তোমার স্পর্শে অন্ত সাধনাদিলে মুক্তি, দিলে চির সুখ ।তোমার আলোতে হলো প্রকাশিতআমার এই দিব্যরূপ ।

  • Poetry

    A Walk with Dad

    Ideas were sparring Words the shields, and the swords. In slow steps, sometimes quicker Father and son were at odds. We stood breathless and speechless Eyes were wide, minds were still. Molten gold poured from the heavens Dancing on ripples, kissing the hill. Winter was bidding her silent farewell Dry leaves were few and sparse.O’dear spring! Are you here? Are you this cheer, this warmth within us.

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    Journeys,  Reflections

    Ash and an empty cup

    It felt good to step out of the car. We had been driving for about two straight hours. Slightly limping and stretching to set ourselves straight, we made our way to one of the numerous Lyangcha stores sprouted along the highway. These delicacies had made Saktigarh a popular pitstop on the way to Shantiniketan. We snacked, and tried all four variants the store had. Each was made of a different combination of ingredients. Votes were cast, and a boxful of the winning candidate was packed for our gracious hosts. Unwound, and full to the brim, we leisurely walked out of…

  • Poetry

    Take a bow

    To you, Who had offered yourselves As altars To break myself upon. It is in your grace That I have received the gift Of liberation, And the strength To piece myself back together In more beautiful ways. I take a bow.

  • Poetry

    Full bloom

    Today was different. I had filled the watering pot like yesterday, and the day before. I had prepared my prayers and made peace with time. I had smiled up at the sun and breathed in the freshness of the winter mist. A beat skipped, a breath held, I stood awestruck. Could the distance between dream and reality be so beautiful? For my imagination had fallen gravely short of your magic. I witnessed you in full bloom.

  • calm body of water during golden hour


    I hummed your hymns, And breathed your essence. I shone in your light, And followed in your footsteps. Was it a moment, or a lifetime? I do not know. I can no longer tell … Where You begin and I end.

  • close up of leaf


    I see you, Trapped in a pot of earthly expectations, Bound in the fear and insecurity of those who love you, Gasping to breathe free. If I could, I would… Place you to the middle of my garden under the open sky, Tend gently to your roots with all of me, Be the greenhouse in the scorching summer and the freezing winter. And in time, See you take form and thrive, Watch all the magic in you flower, Witness an enchanted world rejoice… Simply. Because you came into full blossom.