Journeys,  Poetry

Happy new year

You are the first thought of wakefulness at the break of dawn.

You are the warmth under the quilt that I struggle to part from.

You are the light of the lamp in the temple, you are the fragrance of burning incense.

You are the joy that beats in my chest, you are the vigor that runs in my veins.

You are the smell of fresh coffee in the misty morning.

You are the water break in the middle of a boring meeting.

You are the taste that lingers on the tongue for more after a midday meal.

You are the inspiration to strive and struggle, you are the seeking, you are the zeal.

You are the perspiring glass of cool water at the end of a day’s toil.

You are the molten dusk pouring through the trees, into the garden and the on the open soil.

You are the candle flame in soothing jazz that sways with me along the high notes and the low.

You are the immersion into sense and sensation, the ecstasy of being I’d ever know.

You are the last thought to hold my hand into the world of dreams.

You were yesterday, you are today, you will be tomorrow…

You are the countless New Years, and all the moments in between.