Poetry,  Reflections

The Little Ship

I’m a little ship in mid-sea.  
I’m not a banyan tree, 
Stable and rooted, 
Like you may have wished me to be.  

Upon these waves I tread 
In the calm and into the storm, 
Never anchored, never still,
Incessant change is my norm.

A dawn or dusk, in my ship,
No two ever look the same.
To new lands and new seasons,
A spirit wild cannot be tame.

Many tides guide my course,
Tied I am to them none.
In his hands, I lay my rudder,
Given I am, to the one.

I anchored when you craved stillness,
I moved yet, but in the bounds.
But voyage within yet remains,
Of novel sights and novel sounds.

Mistake not my course as will,
Observe the currents that are in flow.
Ask me not my love to set sail,
Be the wind that takes me to you.