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    Ash and an empty cup

    It felt good to step out of the car. We had been driving for about two straight hours. Slightly limping and stretching to set ourselves straight, we made our way to one of the numerous Lyangcha stores sprouted along the highway. These delicacies had made Saktigarh a popular pitstop on the way to Shantiniketan. We snacked, and tried all four variants the store had. Each was made of a different combination of ingredients. Votes were cast, and a boxful of the winning candidate was packed for our gracious hosts. Unwound, and full to the brim, we leisurely walked out of…

  • Reflections

    Are you tethered to the average?

    Growing up, my parents were content with me because I was an above-average student.  Eventually, I became an above-average employee, an above-average friend, and husband. Before I knew it, it had become an addiction – to be above average.  This expectation that I had set for myself had started to become a deep source of fear and anxiety.  It inhibited me to try anything new outside my tiny circle of excellence.  I was enslaved by the very idea that used to be a spectacular source of joy when I was younger. It was a Sunday, and I had gone to…