Poetry,  Reflections

Those days…

The first light that followed the cry,
That rainy day I first said ‘mum’,
I held your finger and took that step,
In your reflection, my ‘I’ was born.

With each gaze, each taste and touch,
I weaved the ‘now’ and ‘yesterday’,
Of ‘I’ came ‘me’, then ‘you’, then ‘them’,
Then came all that I call ‘today’.

It was love that sowed the seed,
Of deep despair, of dreams that bled.
That wretched night that broke the mirror,
Was born the dawn where ‘I’ was dead.

Of laughter and tears, light and night,
That quiet autumn of fleeting hope,
Among ‘them’, and yet alone,
You held my hand, in silence you spoke.

The games I played of ‘now’ and ‘then’,
Are now, but distant memories,
This moment, is all I need and have,
For ‘I’ am ‘you’, and ‘you’ are ‘me’.